Biometric Access Control

Control de Acceso Biométrico

The main function of an Access Control System (ACS) is to control access to restricted areas, thus preventing unauthorized or undesirable persons from having access to the company. In addition to this main function, an ACS can be used to have historical control of people entries to all areas (look for suspects in case of an incident) 

This system allows an Online or later monitoring of all the activities in and out by the personnel authorized to transit in these areas. 

The system allows to define who and when the person will have access to the different areas of the company.

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Components of an Acces Control

The system has two very important components: 

1) The Hardware

2) The Software

The Hardware

There are different models of devices, depending on the area where you want to install
There are different models of devices, depending on the area where you want to install
biometrico 01
biometrico 02
biometrico 03
Biometrico zk

Most Outstanding Equipment Features


Identification in less than 0.5 seconds, false positives 1 in 10,000,000 attempts.


TCP/IP, WiFi, GPRS, USB-Host and Client.


Designed for both indoor and outdoor.


Anti fraud technology and the latest news, detects traces "Alive", impossible to supplant ...

Instalation Scheme


esquema acceso biometrico basico
Ideal for small and local offices of low affluence, Footprint or Facial Recognition. Uses Stand Alone equipment, simple equipment with handling without / with Report, can work with slaves in Footprint and Facial.


esquema acceso biometrico profesional
Excellent for multiple offices, buildings or industries, internal and external use.
 Uses Inbio160, 260 and 460 System with RF12 Fingerprint / RFID Readers Integrates with other Zkteco devices

Professional Cloud

esquema acceso biometrico profesional nube
The maximum power of the technology with all the ZKteco line and handling from the cloud. Uses Green Label Equipment, Inbio, Stand Alone, Smart CCTV etc. And Local, remote and cloud control, plus the entire ZKteco line.

The software

ZKBioSecurity3.0 is the latest all-in-one web security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains four integrated modules: access control, video integration, elevator control and visitor management. ZKBioSecurity 3.0 offers the most advanced security solution, taking the user experience to a new level. ZKBioSecurity 3.0 offers the most advanced security solution, with an optimized architecture designed for high-level biometric identi fi cation with a modern and friendly user interface..
caracteristicas software acceso

System Requirements

- CPU Processor Pentium Dual-Core or higher 

- Windows 7/8/8.1/Server 2003 (32/64)

- 2G Memory or Superior 

- Monitor Resolutión 1024 x 768 or higher

- A Lanport free

- Storage 10G on disk or higher (NTFS Sugeested)

- IE 11+/Firefox 27+/Chrome 33+


The equipment has a one year warranty against defects as long as they are given the good use they require. In case of damages or damages, they will be assigned a provisional equipment for a minimum cost during the repair of the same and if they were caused by misuse, the costs for repair and / or installation will be borne by the client.

What you get by hiring with us

System Implementation:

1. Installation and configuration of the software in Server and up to 3 workstations (in case of requesting more, will be charged additional);
2. Configuration and Enrollment in Biometric Device. 
3. Software and Device Inductions (max 3 hours)

Support and Advice:.

It is the most dynamic and with the highest FeedBack, it is used to attend to our customers in an expedited way and almost in real time, thus solves any eventuality that is present in the use and management of our platform. Generally this service is worked by telephone and by what is called "Remote Desktop".

The client may request until a monthly reinduction of the Software and biometric equipment, normally used when a customer loses an operator either by resignation or dismissal and wishes to continue the process, even when some processes are forgotten.


This service is used for Software update events, they are totally free during the first year after the purchase.
Fault and doubt attention:

Via: email, chat connection.
Debugging the Data:.

This service only lends itself to events that involve databases, caused by a current problem etc.

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