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The current work dynamics requires that companies have controls that allow them to remunerate their employees in a fair and timely manner, in addition to this controlling the schedules of assistance and defining times for labor assistance is necessary and fundamental.

Biometric System Components

The system has two very important components:  

1) The Hardware

2) The Software

The Hardware

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  • Stylish and Modern Design
  • 2.8 Inch TFT Color LCD Screen
  • TCP / IP Interface and USB Host Port
  • Report Output via USB in Excel Format
  • Real-Time Data Backup
  • Multilanguage
  • Simple Administration and Scalability


Identification in less than 0.5 seconds, false positives 1 in 10,000,000 attempts.


TCP/IP, WiFi, GPRS, USB-Host and Client.


Designed for both indoor and outdoor.


Anti fraud technology and the latest news, detects traces "Alive", impossible to supplant ...

Instalation Scheme

The software

El mejor
The SOFTWARE is the most important component of a Biometric Assistance system, since in general the devices of any brand are able to read the markings made by each employee, the difference is in the handling of that data to be able to provide information Reliable and broad for decision making.
El mejor

The software has been developed in Venezuela and is adapted to the Law, with the following main characteristics:

- Verify the identity of the employee so as to avoid "false" markings called 'buddy punching' 
- The ability to transfer this information to the payroll system, using files in different formats (txt, Excel, pdf, html). 
- Flexibility in order to cover a wide variety of schedules such as fixed, floating and / or rotating shifts and special schedules that pass from one day to another.
- Verification of marking by biometry and proximity. 
- Multiuser. 
- Multiequipos. 
- Windows environment.
- Multi-companies. The same software can be used simultaneously by different companies which can define their own department codes and / or allocation and deduction codes. 
- Unlimited types of schedules (up to a maximum of two shifts). Working hours can be defined for the same worker, from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays 
- Flexible definition of holidays.
- Establishment of paid or unpaid vacation periods. 
- Individual definition for each worker of which shifts allow overtime calculations. 
- Interfaces with the Nomina System that accepts text-type files. 
- The format of the reports can be easily customized
- Levels of security to make modifications. The modifications made with security level are indicated in the reports.
- Automatic capture of data in periods specified by the user. - Automatic locking and unlocking of the system in preset periods to avoid the entry of personnel at certain hours. - In case of several equipment connected in network, selectively can indicate the places where a certain worker can enter. - Rotary Turntables - Definition of formats to transfer information to nominated systems using text files. - Licensing A main license is installed that collects the biometric data with two additional facilities as a query. If you wish to install licenses or equipment only as a consultation, you will have an additional cost.

System Requirements

- Pentium processor or higher

- Environment Windows 98, NT, XP, 7 

- 128 Mb (preferably 256) of RAM 

- Color Monitor 

- A free network port


The equipment has a one year warranty against defects as long as they are given the good use they require. In case of damages, they will be assigned a provisional equipment for a minimum cost during the repair and if they were caused by misuse, the costs for repair and / or installation will be borne by the client. The software has a lifetime warranty regarding the correction of programming errors and will have a free year of updates by country requirements.


The system has about 300 reports, which can be exported to various formats such as WORD, EXCEL, IMAGE, PDF, RTF, HTML and can be requested within a range of dates and filtered by Company, Department, Employees ...

- Rejection Report
- Inconsistencies 
- Statistical Reporting 
- Days not worked 
- Hours not worked 
- Extra hours. 
- Summary of assists 
- Ticket Review 
- Individual Assistance Report 
- Real-time report worked 
- Compact Support Summary 
- Delay reporting 
- Reports of early departures 
- Report of schedules which can be printed 
- Summary of Assistance 
- Summary of absences 
- Basket Ticket Report 
- Breastfeeding Control 
- Annual General Summary or per employee.

What You Get By Hiring With Us

System Implementation:

1. Installation and configuration of the software in Server and up to 3 workstations (in case of requesting more, will be charged additional);
2. Configuration and Enrollment in Biometric Device. 
3. Software and Device Inductions (max 3 hours)

Support and Advice:.

It is the most dynamic and with the highest FeedBack, it is used to attend to our customers in an expedited way and almost in real time, thus solves any eventuality that is present in the use and management of our platform. Generally this service is worked by telephone and by what is called "Remote Desktop".

The client may request until a monthly reinduction of the Software and biometric equipment, normally used when a customer loses an operator either by resignation or dismissal and wishes to continue the process, even when some processes are forgotten.

This service is used for Software update events, they are totally free during the first year after the purchase.
Fault and doubt attention:

Via: email, chat connection.
Debugging the Data:.

This service only lends itself to events that involve databases, caused by a current problem etc.

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